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Why Diamonds Shine

Many of us believe diamonds come out the earth gleeming. It is easy to understand why. Most of us never have the opportunity to see an uncut diamond. The reality is, diamonds are relatively unremarkable in their natural state. One may even compare their appearance to quartz. So how does a diamond become the glistening star of the jewelry store? Polish is part of the equation but arguably, the most important step is cutting.
Diamond cutting can be dated back to the Middle Ages. At that point in time, a natural octahedral diamond was the most desirable shape. Of course, not all of the gems arrived in this shape so, for those who could not get a natural octahedral, it was neccesary to cut the shape out of less desirable diamond. This orginial cut was known as the point cut. By modern standards, these cuts are not very flattering but, in the early days of the diamond market, buyers were not after the same degree of fire or brilliance modern customers are.
Much of the modern expectation of diamonds can be traced back to a Flemish polisher names Lodewyk van Berquen. He is responsible for introducing the concept of symmetrical facets. These facets maximize light return on the face of the diamond, allowing the diamond to shine with an exceptional brilliance. By the 17th century, cuts featuring 33 facets began to appear. While still not as brilliant as the modern diamond, it was a significant step forward.
The 20th century introduced Marcel Tolkowsky, a man who would forever leave his impact in the diamond world. His research into how light travels through diamonds allowed for a better of understanding of how to balance fire and brilliance in modern diamond cutting. Despite modern diamond cutting being done by computers, Tolkowsky's research is still considered a major touchstone.
The pieces you see in jewerly stores today are a far cry from diamonds of the past. Next time you're admiring a piece of diamond jewelry, take a moment to consider the journey that stone has taken and be reminded why they are so valuable to us.
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